Welcome to the Virtual pub

What is VirtualPub?

VirtualPub is a manager game , as a pub owner, you need to manage your pub, upgrade , buy, sell and make profit in Satoshis, you can also collect tips from your pub's visitors

If you already have an account
What i need to have?

Simply create an account at FaucetHub (if you dont have yet), and then register in this game and start earning satoshis. It's easy and not time expensive

If you new here
Buy beer supplies:

A tasty beer :) It is the basic drink you need to give to your customers.

Manage.upgrade your bartender:

Bartender is needed to serve your customers

Unlock, sell and make big profit from wine

Wine is well profiting drink, that your customers wants!

Unlock, sell and make huge profit from whisky

Whisky is best profiting drink, that your customers wants!


Jukebox is premium card that is available after upgrades, it's a pure money maker!


In this game, you can unlock a science card, that allows you make extra upgrades and collect science points. It will boost your pub's income rapidly!