Luxury Condos in Malaysia

Imagine planning a trip to Malaysia or you are here for a business meeting and intend to stay for a week or so in Kuala Lumpur. Would you choose a hotel hustling with people or a comfortable, peaceful place lit by sunlight and surrounded by trees? Of course, you will opt for the later one. We, one of the best companies; Bukit Jalil property will provide you with a condominium suitable to your taste as it is one of the best service residences in kl.

Why choose a condominium?

Why would one choose a condo to stay? There are many reasons why including:

  1. Majority of the hotels are situated in the heart of the city or a place which is busy in terms of business.
  2. When you are on a business trip to other country or another city you go to work for some hours. The rest of the time you would want to be awed by the beauty of that place.
  3. The single room condos we provide are cheaper than a five-star hotel and much bigger.
  4. The services provided are similar to that of a hotel.
  5. The view is an aesthetic one.

Why would you prefer us over others?

We are the best freehold condo in Kuala lumpur. It’s not us that say this but our customers and clients and our never-failing services. You might choose us because:

  • The location of our condos is what attracts our clients the most.
  • It is comparatively cheaper than a hotel and other condos in the market.
  • No compromise in providing services.
  • If you are already a part of us we will give you special discounts as well. By that we mean if you have been our client before whether you bought a house, apartment or are a tenant to us.

Aspects of our condos

  • Floor size:

  The floor size is about 800sf-1200sf, 1000sf-1500sf etc.

  • Location:

  Situated away from the hustle bustle of the city, in a calm place yet near to all business centers. Reaching your desired destinations will not be a problem.

  • Furnishing:

A well-furnished condo for the ones who want to rent it out. And for the ones who want to buy it, they have two options either furnish it the way they want or the can get an already furnished one.

  • Price:

For rent, it starts from 400RM and if you want to buy it then we start with 370k RM. Totally not that expensive

  • Facilities:

The best part is the facilities we provide. We have a Swimming pool (separate one for children), Jacuzzi, Gymnasium, a BBQ area, Futsal area, Car parking, a tennis court and much more. Plus a great arrangement for your everyday meal too.

So what are you waiting for? Come and avail the best for you. We assure you that everything from the start till the end is going to be a wonderful experience for you at bukit jalil property. Be it your honeymoon, a trip with friends, a business meeting or you discovering yourself we would like to serve you to the fullest.

Author: klondikeunderground